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Circular Cutting Electric 4-1/2" Saw with Accessory Kit

Key Features
Powerful Cutting Saw: This electric circular compact saw is light weight and portable.With a 705 W motor, it can deliver a performance of 3500 RPM with ease to cut ordinary wood.
Ergonomic Handle: Covered with soft leather handle can effectively absorb the shock force and help to grip firmly the saw comfortably and effortlessly with one hand. Easy to control and maneuver to finish the detailed cutting work efficiently.
Highly Adjustable Cutting Angle and Depth: It offers a wide range of cutting options. Cutting angle can be adjusted from 45 degree to 90 degree. The maximum cutting depth is 45° at 1.1", while 1.7'' at 90°.
Guide Rule for Straight Cut: Comes with a guide rule to make straight cut along the marking line, and have a complete control over every cut, even cutting work of longer distance will get easily and perfectly done.
Design of Dust Port: Extraction hose formed dust port can vent the cutting debris timely, help you clear the cutting surface, for you to keep the cutting line free of dust all the time, and also give you a clear view of the cutting line.


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