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Reciprocating Electric Saw Handheld Wood & Metal Cutting Tool Kit

Key Features
Powerful Reciprocating Saw: Powered by a 9 Amp motor, the maximum power can reach over 1000W, you can rip through wood at a speed as high as 2500 strokes per minute. And a longer stroke of 1-1/8 inches makes your cutting much faster.
Versatile for Cutting Through Various Materials: The kit comes with different blades for wood cutting and metal cutting. So, whether you are cutting branches from a tree, cutting pipes or creating a metal furniture frame, you can have this reciprocating saw for convenient use.
Ergonomic Handle and Power Indicator: An ergonomic soft silicone handle can effectively absorb the shock force, and help you have comfortable and firm grip of the saw, suitable for both right and left-handed use. The built in power-on indicator lets you know when the tool is plugged in.
Trigger Switch for Speed Adjustment: A pressure sensitive trigger switch is provided for you to adjust the cutting speed from 0 to 2500 strokes per minute, lets you work through softwoods, hardwoods, plastics and metals with ease. With the lock-on button, you can set the speed to have precise cutting.
Tool-less Blade Change: There's no need for an Allen wrench or other tools, you can change the blade through the quick change chuck, thus enables faster blade installation and removal for increased productivity.


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